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Message Board

A welcome and introduction to the Message Board from Anne Sheffield

This Message Board will provide you with understanding, empathy, support, help, compassion, and advice about how to cope with the depression or bipolar disorder of someone you love. Here you will discover that what you had thought was a unique, isolating experience is in fact shared by countless other people all over the world who, like you, love and live with someone who suffers from these illnesses. All of you have depression fallout.

Their stories, insights, and advice will be more understandable and useful if you have read my books and can put what you read here into a broader perspective. But whatever you choose to read, please make a big effort to become an amateur expert on depression and the extraordinary ways it changes thinking and behavior. The more you know and understand about this illness, the more able you'll be to cope with its fallout and to help your loved one get better.

The Message Board's General Discussion forum is for depression fallout sufferers and is now in its eighth year. As new threads are added, old ones fall off the board, but there is an Archive of what we call "classic" threads. Newcomers may wish to start by reading through the My Story forum and posting their own story there. From A Depression Sufferer's Point of View invites anyone with unipolar or bipolar illness to comment and answer questions; their participation has proved extremely helpful. The Ask Anne forum is for specific questions you may have for Anne regarding treatment modes, medication, research and other issues not covered in her books or by the other sources here.

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Note: As of June 1, 2007 there is a single message board.

Using the Message Board

The Message Board is hosted by a company called EZboard that hosts many message boards. You need not register to view the Depression Fallout message board. The Depression Fallout board does require you to register before posting a message, but the information retained by and by will not be shared with anyone else for any purpose. EZboard registered users can choose to be "local," i.e., be allowed to post only on the Depression Fallout message board or "global," i.e., be allowed to post on any EZboard message board.

Please be respectful when posting. Bluntness is acceptable, rudeness and humiliation are not. Anne and her message board monitors retain the right to delete or otherwise deal with post that are disruptive. Please email the Board Administrator if you see such a post, or if you see the potential for a serious problem of any kind.

Our community is large and diverse, and to keep it helpful and healthy takes the goodwill and mutual cooperation of all of us. Please use it to your benefit and that of all its members.

The Depression Fallout web site adheres to the guidelines of the Health On the Net Foundation (HONcode). Please be aware that all posts are visible to all visitors to the board; posters are free to edit and/or delete their own posts. Posters must post only information which to their knowledge is accurate, and are requested to provide references (links, for example) for health/medical information they post unless the information is based on their personal experience. No advertising (links, banners, content, etc.) is permitted on the Message Board.

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